2024: So far, so good

Sold my last business I started, https://getjsonip.com, during the pandemic in December. So that’s a successful exit.

Decided to finally revitalize my blog. It’s bounced around different domains over the years but this should be permanent.
Last one was https://trending.us. (Don’t bother looking, its not live.)

The job market in the tech industry has been the worst in well over a decade. Even during the big recession at the beginning of the last decade wasn’t as bad as the current state of things. Hell of a time to jump back into the market.

Leaving this part here just as a self-reminder of how to generate new posts and how to block out code segments:

Wrap a link and other hexo tips: Writing

# create a new post
$ hexo new "Exciting new blog post"

# run it locally
$ hexo server