Two great new machinima videos

I was given links to two great new machinima pieces a couple of days ago. by Mescaline Tammas

This is Mescaline’s first SL video. Its a gorgeously shot and edited piece with music by Duran Duran. Mescaline is a film professional in the other life, and his skills certainly show.

The second video is by Juliet Heberle and Arabesque Choche, also known as Choucho. I honestly don’t know a whole lot about these folks, as this was referred to me by a 3rd party. One note of interest is that the vocals in the song are in Japanese, but played in reverse. Again, this information was referred so I can’t account to its accuracy 100% until I talk to the creators.

Its visually very appealing, though its rather slow and monotonous until about half-way through.The second half is both visually captivating and the music really picks up.

Second Life Eco-Tour

second life eco tour thumbnailI have been working with representatives from the Woodrow Wilson Institute for the last few months to produce a new machinima video to highlight eco-related areas and organizations in Second Life. The piece is part of a larger project with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) to explore how computer and video game technologies can be applied to environmental issues.

This video is about 14 minutes long and highlights several different sims and programs currently active in SL oriented around ecology conservation. In particular, the National and Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration(NOAA) has an excellent collection of sims that show how oil spills are cleaned up and how tidal waves are formed and destroy the land when they come ashore, among other projects. My other favorite project is the Green Islands project. Essentially, this project lets sim owners buy carbon credits from a real-world organization called the Bonneville Environmental Foundation to offset the carbon produced by powering their sims.

I am very proud to have worked with such an esteemed organization as the Woodrow Wilson Institute on this project.

Flash version:

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HD version:

Link to Wilson Center Institute blog about the Second Life Eco-Tour: