Hi, I’m Charles and @geuis everywhere online. Email me at geuis.teses@gmail.com

I’m a web engineer, entrepreneur, occasional photographer, bad cook, and occasionally political.

Checkout my Github page.

Places I’m At

My Products / Projects

jsonip.com – Used by hundreds of users and supports over 10+ million requests a day. This is the most successful product I’ve personally built. The service returns the client’s IP address in a JSON object. Supports direct requests, JSONP, and CORS requests.

jsonip Pro – An upcoming pro version of jsonip.com.

Helium CSS – My biggest open source project with over 3500+ followers. Helium is a client-side tool that helps web developers discover unused CSS on their sites.

Popped At – Popped At is a visualization of images being shared in real-time via Twitter.

When-Then – One of the biggest uses of Promises is the use-case of firing off multiple asynchronous requests and then doing something with the combined results. When-Then is a short utility that handles just that situation and tries to simplify the code needed to set this up.

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  1. Hello there, I’m just curious about why you use geuis as your online name, does it have a meaning for you?
    Because my name is geuis, however it doesn’t have specific meaning in my language.

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