New server, new name

I’ve just migrated this site to a new server in early July. I’m still working on getting things updated and getting errant images restored.

For years, my personal site was found at Trending Us, I chose that name at the beginning because I had intended on mainly writing about trends in technology and other things of that nature. While I only write periodically, I found that I write about lots of different kinds of things.

Another issue is that I haven’t had a “branded” site. My handle “geuis” is the only name I use online. I haven’t had a place that has my projects and something approaching a portfolio. To address that, I’ve now switched over to and forwarded everything to it.

The style is going to be updated, and perhaps I’ll post here a bit more regularly from now on.

Who's building for the future?

Google Reader is dead. This was a product that many different people used for different purposes. I used it mainly as a way to subscribe and listen to my favorite podcasts. Others used it as a way to integrate disparate data feeds into a manageable and browsable list. It started in 2001 as JavaCollect.

What occurs to me at 2:26am PST, July 2nd, 2013 is that this doesn’t last forever. The approximately 10-15 year life span of a product, which seems like forever in our current eyes, it just a blip in the screen towards the things we should be building.