How to Use Multiple Twitter Accounts on One Gmail Account

There are many times when you might want multiple Twitter accounts. You might have one for your personal use and one for your company.

Twitter restricts accounts to one per unique email address. Who wants to manage multiple email accounts unnecessarily?

Add Some Variety to Your Gmail Address

Gmail has a cool feature that’s been around for many years. You can extend your email address by applying “+uniquetext” to the end of your address before the @ symbol.

For example, my personal Twitter account is I also have another one I just started for Javascript conferences,

For my personal account, I signed up with ‘’. For jsconferences, I used ‘’. Twitter recognizes each as a unique email address, and Gmail nicely delivers mail to both addresses to my one email account.

Keeping Organized: Apply Labels Automatically

If you’re running multiple Twitter accounts, all of those notification emails could get confusing. Lets filter them into their own labels in Gmail.

If you’re new to labels, just think of them as versatile folders. Also, Gmail offers “filters”, which are similar to “Rules” in a mail program like Outlook.

Ok, there’s 2 steps.

  1. 1) Make the label(s).
  2. 2) Setup the filter(s).

Make the Label

Go to your inbox and at the top look for the Labels drop down button. Click on “Manage Labels” at the bottom of the menu.

On the Settings screen that appears, at the very bottom create a new label. For me, I’m adding “jsconferences”. Click the Create button to make it so.

Setup the Filter

Click the Filters tab, then click “Create a New Filter”. In the To: field, put your email address with the “+uniquetext” you used to register your Twitter account. For me, this is

Click the “Next Step” button.

Check the box “Apply the label” and the label you created a minute ago from the list. When you’re ready, click the “Create Filter” button. You’re done!


Send an email to your email address with the “+uniquetext” text. When it is received back in your inbox, it should now have the label.

That’s it. Twitter on!