Twitter is Where the News Happens

Twitter continues to be a source for breaking news. As of 4pm PST, there are a lot of people on Twitter talking about a massive explosion at a propane facility in Toronto that occurred around 4am this morning. This news has yet to filter into the mainstream news websites like CNN and MSNBC. The CBC, Canadian Broadcasting Company, finally picked up the story around 5pm their time.

Meanwhile, various people have been spreading the news via Twitter and home-made videos posted on Youtube. The following amazing video was submitted to YouTube at around 5:00am EST, shortly after the explosion happened. As of this posting, over 164,000 people have viewed just this video.

This is probably one of the biggest examples yet of how outdated and antiquated traditional news services are.

6 thoughts on “Twitter is Where the News Happens

  1. Sorry, that was not the case. As someone living in Toronto, I can tell you that the local news channels on television absolutely had the story first thing in the morning. I watched a lot more of the coverage around 11am.

  2. Ya, this isn’t completely true. I initially found out what the sounds were via Twitter. However, it took only minutes later for local stations (especially radio) to pick up the story. After this, info on Twitter was basically redistributing what was on the media – better access to official sources, etc.

    The only exceptions were the pictures and videos that came online from random people – these spread around rapidly via Twitter.

  3. I know that the folks living locally are going to hear about something like this quickly from local news sources. But for the rest of us around the world, our local media won’t. So most people turn to mainstream sources like CNN and MSNBC, among others.

    Twitter is becoming a much better source for world-wide local breaking news events, because its being done by the people, not the press.

  4. I encourage people to also look at and take advantage of CNN’s I-report program…submit your stories, have them on the news! The traditional is not so traditional any longer.

    (Wonderful Twitter feed, Geuis!)

    Best wishes, Life

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