iPhone 3G: long lines in SF and phones running out

I work in downtown San Francisco and wanted to post quickly about what I just heard at the Apple store
on Stockton.

There’s about 800-1000 people still in line as of noon (see attached
pictures). The line wraps clear around the block up to the Ellis
parking garage.

Activation is being done inside upstairs. Regular customers are
allowed to come in for normal shopping on the ground floor.

Apple has staffers out walking the line, talking to people about
features and the activation process.

I asked a cute woman working near the door wearing an orange Apple
shirt if they had enough phones for everyone, and she said “We don’t
really know about that. Probably not.”

Everyone in line seemed to be in a good mood. There are a handful of
reporters and camera crew in the area filming the line and talking to

I think that bottom line, this demonstrates that being unable to order
phones from the online store is a *huge* disaster. I ordered mine last
year and got it very quickly afterwords via the mail.

I didn’t hear anyone explicitly talking about activation problems, but
I was outside for a good few minutes and didn’t see *anyone* coming
out of the store with a new phone. This might well attest to lengthy
and/or problematic problems inside.

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