Lip Sync Coming to Second Life… And Why This Could Be the Most Important News All Year

This is the best news I’ve heard in a while in regards to Second Life. Lip sync is going to be available to anyone using the official Second Life client. Its also possibly one of the most important innovations to come to SL in years.

Mike Monkowski, former IBM speech group programmer and currently in the IBM semiconductor development group, has been diligently incorporating lip sync code he developed independently into the Second Life client for over 6 months. According to an announcement from Mike a couple of days ago, his lip sync code has been added into the official Second Life client. (more…)

Wikisonic in Second Life – amazing interactive music generation

I have been running the Machinima feed at Twitter,, since April and its been a great opportunity to find some amazing work people have been doing in Second Life.

Today it happened again. Jon Brouchard, SL name Keystone Bouchard, created a video about an amazing new interactive music project that he just launched in Second Life called Wikisonic. Even more, there is a real-life version of Wikisonic being built at a museum in San Jose, California. Details on that are at the end of the post.

Link to Jon’s blog and post about Wikisonic. SL teleport link here. Interview below the video.